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A typical day at Pack of Paws...

11:30am - 1:30pm

7am to 9:30am

  • Client drop off dogs

  • Separate dogs into appropriate play groups, higher energy vs lower energy

  • Take notes on clients request/updates and special accommodations


9:30am to 11:30am

  • Supervised dog play: staff is trained to ensure that during this most rambunctious period dogs are carefully managed and are watching for behaviours associated with over stimulation and over arousal

  • Some dogs will be given regular breaks by going into the quiet room

  • Each dog will be given a private on leash bathroom break to sniff and relieve themselves

  •  We ensure breaks are given in order of arrival so dogs will have a bathroom break within 2.5 hours of arriving

  •  Younger puppies will be given an extra outing 

  • Staff will upload Instagram stories and videos


  • Dogs start to wind down and will usually take a small break after their walk/bathroom break

  • We will  begin feeding dogs that clients have provided meals for and ensure those dogs remain calm after just eating

  • We may also re group based on energy levels and which dogs are half day versus full day dogs 

  • Prepare for half day pick ups and drop offs


  • PACK NAP - this is when we ensure all dogs are able to rest for a minimum of 1 hour

  • We will interrupt play and encourage them to lay down if we see they are starting to initiate play, we may also separate friends so there is less enticement to keep playing

  • Each dog will be given another private on leash walk to go to the bathroom and sniff and decompress

  • This period helps teaches the dogs how to regulate themselves into a calmer state and prepare them to be picked up  


4pm - 6:30pm

  • We start preparing the dogs for home. This means we will put their harnesses or collars on so we can swiftly leash them when their parents have arrived and gather their meal containers and attire together

  • Staff  will prepare online report cards so clients know what their bathroom status is and any other additional notes

  • Dogs can get quite anxious as they are anticipating seeing their parents soon so we try to keep them from playing too much during this period 


1:30am - 4pm

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