If you would like for your pup to have set day (s) per week, you can let us know and we'll always have a slot booked. For any cancellation or changes or addition to the set day (s), please use the online portal to make the changes.

If you don't prefer having a set day, then you can book him/her in up to a day in advance. 

You can pay by sending an e-transfer to, or have your credit card on file on our portal for us to charge. You can also buy a package of 10 or 20 through it. 

Please note: We don't accept AMEX credit cards nor can allow in-person payments right now because of Covid-19 protocols.

First day drop-off:
We need your pup to come at 7AM for the first day on weekdays, and 9AM on Saturday, so s/he's the first dog and welcomes the pack, instead of the other way around. Also ensure when you do drop him/her off, to not say anything as it might create anxiety.

Drop-off and pickup timings:
Post the first day, our drop-off timings are 7AM to 9.30AM and pick-up is from 4PM to 6.30PM for full day, and noon for half day on weekdays.

Flexible drop-off and pickup on Saturday

Capacity Limits:

We start a wait list when we are about to reach our capacity so we request everyone to book ahead and login to your profiles to ensure you are on the roster, and/or will not be coming so we can get the waitlisted doggo in. After two no shows, we’ll be charging cancellation fees.

(Exceptions made  for any medical, family, and/or other genuine reasons)

Clip Collars:

We request you all to send your pups with a clip collar, and ALWAYS have it on your pups (even at home) with their name tag and emergency numbers. Clip collars are the only things that we can keep on dogs in the daycare and have to remove everything else as a safety precaution. 

For our darker colored pups, please please please buy a reflective dog clip collar. 

Kennel Cough, Oral Papilloma, Parasites, Diarrhea:

Please refrain from sending your pup to daycare if they show any symptoms of the mentioned illness and these are super contagious and can be fatal for some dogs. 

Pick Ups:

If someone else is picking up your pup on your behalf, we need you to email us at beforehand.