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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I put my dog in daycare?
Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation to live a happy and long life. The average dog spends 8-10 hours a day alone and then wait for their owners to come home and play, which usually results in only a few hours of attention and exercise. This lack of stimulation causes dogs to get bored, frustrated and depressed. We believe dogs who have regularly attended daycare are more socially savvy. These dogs are able to read other dogs better and be able to interact safely with all different types of dogs and in various types of environments and situations - invaluable skills for the modern dog. Dog daycare can also help relieve some of the weekday dog parent duties as we know how difficult it can be to balance work and home life and knowing you best fur friend's needs were met through daycare is very relieving. 

Will my dog learn to like other dogs if they go to daycare?
It depends. Some more reserve, shy and timid dogs are able to to thrive in a daycare setting because there is more consistency with playmates as well as knowledgeable supervisors monitoring body language and interactions amongst the dogs. Other dogs will find the environment way too overwhelming and will become shut down and will not be able gain any social benefits from attending daycare. We will always communicate with our dog parents to let them know what we are observing so they can make the right decision for their dog.

Will my small dog be safe if there are larger dogs?
Yes! We have 3 different rooms divided between 2 floors and we always mix and match the playgroups based on temperament not just size. We primarily separate the groups based on activity level. We want to create an environment that will work best for the dogs staying with us on any given day.

Are there ever dog fights? What happens if my dog gets in dog fight?

While our dogs are in a controlled environment, there is never a guarantee. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure each play day experience is fun and safe. We ensure all our staff are trained on dog body language, how to watch for behaviours associated with over arousal and how to safely interrupt bullying/over the top playing. If your dog is involved in a fight we will make sure you receive a full in depth explanation on what the conditions that caused the incident and we will decided case by case if continued daycare activities would be appropriate for your dog. 

What happens if my dog is hurt or becomes ill while attending daycare?

Staff are trained in animal first aid, so all minor injuries or illnesses can be addressed by our staff members. If there should be an urgent need to see a Vet, we will transport the dog immediately to our local Veterinary Clinic .Owners will be contacted immediately if this should be the case.

At what age does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?
We require male dogs to be to be neutered by 8 months of age and females to be spayed by a year old. We understand that some vets advise their clients to wait longer than that and we try to accommodate that to the best of our ability. Yet, the safety and well being of each dog is our number one priority. If we do feel that safety is in jeopardy, (example, excessive humping) we will inform our client that their dog should take a break from daycare until they are neutered/spayed.

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