Drop-In Puppy Socialization Club

Recognizing the importance of puppy socialization in its early stages, we have curated a 'drop-in puppy socialization club' where pet parents and their fur babies get opportunities for socialization, learning, and fun in a safe, positive, and loving environment.



  • Sessions are held every Tuesday from 7PM to 7.45PM. 

  • During the session, puppies will have opportunities to play and interact with other puppies in a safe and controlled manner, while also being introduced to new textures, objects, and noises. 

  • Some topics discussed are: confidence building, enrichment, crate training, positive reinforcement, and house training.

  • Maximum of 5 pups and their parents.

  • Price: $20 + tax per session.


  • Puppies must be between 8 weeks - 20 weeks old.

  • They MUST have received a minimum of one set of vaccines (DHPP), as well as first deworming.

  • All puppies must be healthy during the sessions. DO NOT participate if they are showing any signs of illness.


  • Please visit this page.

  • Click on 'Are you a new customer?' and create your profile.

  • Request  for the 'Puppy Socialization' service and buy the credits online.

  • Show up to your first class! 

For any questions or concerns, please email at info@packofpaws.ca