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Why Choose Us

1. Safe Socialization 

We provide a safe and controlled environment for your dog to play with other dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities. We solely choose dogs based on their temperament and never discriminate between any breed. All our staff is trained to understand dog body language and help them get acclimatized in a pack setting. Your dog is guaranteed to make new friends in the neighborhood.

2. Modern Facility

Our daycare is fully climate controlled to keep your pup comfortable throughout the day. Our rubber flooring ensures cushioning while your dog is playing to prevent injuries. We also disinfect, vacuum and sanitize the daycare multiple times a day. 

3. Pee and Poop Breaks

We will take your dog out twice during the day, individually, so they can relieve themselves. We discourage dogs to do their business inside to ensure their housetraining is never broken. Accidents can happen though, and that's OK. Puppies are taken out thrice. 

4. Physical and Mental Exercise

A regular daycare session will keep your dog physically exercised and mentally enriched. They will be able to run and play to their heart's content in our 1500 sq. ft. premises spanning two floors with three rooms, go on walks twice, and use our agility equipment, thus tiring them out before home time.

5. Help With Separation Anxiety

When a dog suffers from separation anxiety, it can be hard on both of you. Without some kind of outlet and social environment, a dog can feel very anxious about being left alone. They may spend their day crying, howling, licking, chewing, or stressed out and anxious. Whatever the daily routine is, our dog daycare can help in giving a secure place while you are away. 

6. Maintain Routine

A consistent routine and structure is important for dogs. Our daycare facilitates structure throughout the day.

7. Peace of Mind

Coming home to a destroyed house, damaged property, “accidents”, or even just a sad pup can be stressful. It’s easy to get frustrated and reprimand dogs for their actions, but the fact is, their actions are telling you that they are upset. Enrolling your dog in our daycare will rid the stress and worry of what you may come home to. We regularly post stories on our Instagram for you to check what he/she is up to, and also send an end-of-day report card. 

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